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8 Best Marvel Movies You Have To Watch

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When it comes to Marvel movies it’s really hard to pick favourites. Some people have been fans of particular superheroes since childhood so when a movie with their favourite character in the lead comes out chances are it’s either going to become their favourite movie or they’ll hate it because it’s not how they imagined it in their head for years. Some movies do really bad with the fans but the general public loves them and vice-versa. But here we are, trying our best to give you a (subjective) list of best Marvel movies. Keep in mind, all of these are the best and the order in which they’re mentioned isn’t meant to rank them in any way.

1. The Avengers

We’re going to start with Avengers because for many people this was the first movie that roped them into the Marvel Universe. There’s a lot of Marvel fans who might disagree but for the general public – this was the movie that got the ball rolling when it came to watching Marvel movies. It was the great cast, the right superheroes, the charisma, the humour, the cheeky villain. It gave us all a taste for this superhero world and we haven’t been able to stop ever since.

The Avengers | 8 Best Marvel Movies You Have To Watch | Zestradar

2. Iron Man

We’re not even going to specify which of the Iron Man movies is the best because opinions vary. Clearly, none of this would’ve been possible if Robert Downey Jr wasn’t cast in the first Iron Man, even if it wasn’t the best of Iron Man movies. But can you imagine anyone else playing Tony Stark? Nope, Robert Downey Jr is at the center of the Marvel Universe and we can’t imagine our lives without this sassy, handsome man.

Iron Man | 8 Best Marvel Movies You Have To Watch | Zestradar

3. Black Panther

Black Panther was definitely a first in many ways, and the importance of this movie is hard to undermine. It was brilliant and unique. The cast is phenomenal, the story is great, the humour in this movie will make you giggle and yet there’s so much soul in it that you will actually feel your heart swell with pride.


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