25 février 2021




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From sources within the British establishment, President Paul Kagame is on a life support system in ICU in UK, following a failed second surgery on his brain due to a cancer; Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM).

Western countries are already looking for someone to replace him, Louise Mushikiwabo highly favored.

A large percentage of RDF is not predisposed to accept any one to impose anyone on them. They see themselves as a legitimate constituency to produce the next leader RPF leader, General Kabarebe & Gen Kazura being at the forefront of the competition.

There is evidence that General Kazura supported by Jeannette Kagame, his brother Brig. Gen. Willy Rwagasana, Chief of the General Staff Lt General Jacques Musemakweli,

the Army Commanding officer of the Special Forces Brig Gen. Ruki Karusisi, Director of Gako Military Academy, Major General Innocent Kabandana, Director of DMI Brig Vincent Nyakarundi and the Inspector of Police Major General Dan Munyuza.

Of all these people, only Dan Munyuza was formerly exiled in Uganda. The rest of the top leadership of RDF is in the hands of Rwandans who grew up in Ngagara, Bujumbura. They joined the RPA in 1990 while Ugandan refugees had been struggling in Uganda’s militaries from the 1970s, Amin’s Uganda Army and Museveni’s NRA.

On the other side is James Kabarebe, a chief conspirator, Brutus incarnate because he supervised the assassination of Fred Rwigema then today, he was one of the conspirators who helped in the poisoning of Paul Kagame in an arrangement Kabarebe made with Western Powers, only that they were lying to him.

General Ibingira is probably working with Kabarebe, which lives One 4 star General unaccounted for: Gen Patrick Nyamvumba. This man seems to have met his Damascus Moment while he was force Commander for UNAMID in Darfur.

He has never been the same ever since he completed that tour of duty. He sees the military as a tool to provide defense and security to his country but also as the guarantor of peace than a tool for using violent methods to achieve personal ( in a dictatorship) party of national objectives.
All peace loving RDF officers are likely to channel their grievances through General Nyamvumba

Let’s watch this unfolding story.

After Paul Kagame learned that he didn’t have enough time on earth, he appointed Major General Albert Murasira Minister of Defense with a plan to build power around him and leave him in power to guarantee his family’s security, status and wellbeing. However, RDF senior officers never gave Gen. Murasira an opportunity for they began fighting him him right away.

By Seruga Titus

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